User Guide

Register New Account

When you have entered your details on the registration page, you will receive an email confirmation.
You will then be able to login using your Username and Password.
If you wish to change your password, you can do this by accessing the My Account Details page in the Members Area.


Members Area

My Account Details

Some details will be registered and will automatically show on the ‘my account details’ page in the Members Area.
It is recommended that you fill in the rest of your details as users may want to contact you.

You can also change your password in this area.

Create Listing

Here a list of packages and prices will be displayed. You can view the features of the package by clicking on more info, once chosen your preferred package by clicking on the Create Listing button. You will be directed to the chosen package page to enter your item details:

  • Listing Title  Brief title of your product
  • Description – A full description of the item with as much information as possible e.g. dimensions, condition and age of item.
  • Category  Select the categories from the list (you can select up to three categories each item, to do this click on the Available Category then on the arrow button to transfer it to the Chosen Category box).
  • Listing Attachments – Select an image/s for your product. (jpg/.gif/.png/.pdf/.flv/.mp4/.mp3 will only be accepted).

          Listing Attributes

  • Type  – Here you can choose the format of your listing, as an Auction or as a Buy Now Only product.
  • Starting Price – Here you can set a starting price for your item.
  • Buy Now Price – Here you can set a price for the user to buy this item outright.
  • Reserve Price – Here you can set the lowest price your willing to sell this item for.
  • Shipping Price –  Here you can set the shipping price for your item.  For larger items needing delivery/installation you will need to contact the buyer directly to make arrangements
  • Listing Location – Enter in where your company or residence is based, then select search to confirm your area is correct. A map will then be placed on your listing so users can see your location.
  • Save Listing – This will confirm your listing save it, at this point the auction is  NOT live. After saving the auction you can then see what it will look like, check over the details to make sure they are all correct. Once happy with the auction select Make Payment, you will then be directed to Paypal to pay for the package you have chosen. Upon payment this will set your auction as LIVE so users can bid/buy your item.

Membership Packages

There are several membership options available which can be found below the My Account section. These are designed for users to sell larger quantities of products.  The membership works on a discounted rate, the more expensive packages offer better value for money and extra features.
Once a package is purchased it will run for the length of time stated as will the number of auctions the package holds, e.g. for the gold package at £270 you will receive 30 auctions running for 60 days.

Renewing Expired Listings

To renew an expired listing, go to the My Website Listing in the Members Area. Find your expired listing, and click on it. Once you have selected your expired auction scroll to the bottom of the listing. There will be an button named Renew Now which will allow you re-list your package.

My Website Listing

You can view your existing and expired website listings.

My Messages

Here you can view or send any messages to our website members or administrators.

My Subscriptions

Here you can subscribe to certain categories that you are interested in. You will then receive an email when a new listing has been added to that category.

My Favourites

With the My Favourites button you can store your favourite auctions that you have found into this section, so you can keep your eye on potential purchases.
You can add auctions to your My Favourites by selecting a desired auction, clicking on the description tab, locate the Tool Box, At the bottom of the Tool Box there will be a button named Add Favourites once clicked this will add the auction to the My Favourites page.

My Friends / Blocked List

Here you can view users you have added as friends and/or blocked.

My Payment Options

Here you enter your PayPal details (A PayPal account is required). This is highly recommended as it makes paying for items much easier, as well as users transferring money into your PayPal account when they have won your auction.

There is an option available for you to pay for an item via PayPal, this is at the users discretion. The payment transaction is between the seller and the buyer. For expensive items we suggest that the buyer makes arrangements directly with the seller. Fenestration Warehouse does not take payment or commission on any items sold. Payments to Fenestration Warehouse is for the use of the website only.

My Bidding History

Here you can view your bidding history.


Winning An Auction

Once an auction has been won or bought using the buy now option. Two options will appear on the left of the auction Pay Now and Contact Seller.

Pay Now

To use the pay now option the seller must enter their details into My Payment Options. If they have not done this it will come up with message saying “There’s a problem with the merchant’s PayPal account. Please try again later.”
If this happens you will need to Contact the Seller and arrange a different method of payment.

 Contact Seller

Contacting the seller is important as this is how you will arrange delivery and payment if they have not entered their details into the My Payment Options.
This can be done through the Contact Seller button which will send an email to the Seller.